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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Giveaways #6

Welcome to another week of some fun giveaways!

#1 Lil bit of us is hosting a giveaway for The Law of the Garbage Truck giveaway
#2 Lil bit of us is also hosting a giveaway for Little One Books!
#3 Lee La La is hosting a Woodcraft Giveaway!
#4 Surviving Etsy Madness is hosting a fun giveaway too!!!
#5 The Dress-up Drawer is hosting an Eclectic Whatnot giveaway... :)
#6 Naptime Crafters is hosting a To Jameson with Love Giveaway~
#7 IndieSpotting is doing a giveaway for I bijoux dello Stregatto!
#8 The Indie Tot is hosting a giveaway for Blueberry Kids~~

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